PICKLEBALL Youth Programs

Our RADDSports Pickleball Prep, Developmental, and Competitive programs are designed to help athletes of all skill levels become better players. Whether you are just starting out or are a skilled player who wishes to compete at a higher level, you are in the right spot! Through our Prep and Developmental programs, we will help players grow their knowledge of the game, develop a capacity for work, and understand the value of a growth mindset.

Youth Programs

September 12 - November 16

Prep Program

Level 1

The RADD Prep program is targeted toward players beginning their journey with pickleball. This program is primarily focused on skill work. We will break down each movement and really focus on technique. 

Developmental Program

Level 2

The RADD Developmental program is for players who have some experience playing pickleball. We will have a lot of discussions, advanced drill work and more game play. 

Competitive Program

Level 3

The RADD Competitive program is targeted at players who can play but are learning more about how to play the system. We will have athletes bring everything together and focus on how to play the game. They will be tested on different situations that they have learned in the past and use the knowledge they have learned to put it to play.

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Mary Rossow

Pickleball Coordinator