Megan Hooper was born in Indiana but grew up an Army Brat. She had the opportunity to move around and see the world with her family at a young age.  Megan and her five siblings all grew up playing multiple sports through both youth and school programs. Her parents instilled the importance of teamwork, love, and discipline when playing sports.

After high school, Megan enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where she met her husband Will. After serving, Megan moved with her family to Gainesville to finish her education. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Education degree. After teaching for several years, Megan decided to take on a new role with RADDSports, a company that believes in the overall development of young athletes.

Because she started participating in organized sports at a young age, Megan grew to understand the important life skills you can learn from athletics and has utilized those skills throughout her life. She learned the importance of both true friendship and being a good teammate. Now, as a very busy sports mom of three, she continues to share with her children and others the true joy that can come from being involved in organized sports.

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